Wristwatches of remarkable heritage

Fine watches by Dent.

Strictly limited production to 100 pieces in Rose gold and 100 in White gold, and powered by the new DENT Class A movement made specifically for this watch, the Denison's timeless elegance emulates a DENT watch originally available in the 1920s and 30s.

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The limited edition Parliament range by Dent rises above those around it with distinctive design, precious metals and meticulous craftsmanship. Named after the location of our famous creation at the Houses of Parliament, affectionately known as Big Ben.

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Not far from the Houses of Parliament lie the Ministry buildings in which many of our chronometers and watches were given rigorous testing. The limited edition Ministry range celebrates the classic beauty and accuracy of those remarkable timepieces. Each one is meticulously handcrafted using the world's most precious metals.

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There is serious weight in a Dent wristwatch. Not just because they are only made using some of our planet's most precious metals, but because there is nearly two hundred years of British history packed into every single one. Our watches have been called upon for many tasks over the years: Lt. Hare's Dent watch prevented his demise by stopping a bullet during military action; Dent watches and chronometers kept time for the British Naval fleet; and our watches and clocks ensured Royal Families and Governments were prompt across three continents. All British Monarchs since Queen Victoria have owned a Dent, as did Charles Darwin. Dent's Standard Clock at the Greenwich Royal Observatory kept the British Empire on time. And millions of visitors flock to London every year and take photographs of the world's most famous Dent creation: Parliament's Great Clock – or Big Ben as it is more popularly known.

Fourteen models make up Dent's collection. The Ministry range is for lovers of a classic circular-cased design, while the Parliament range is a collection of stunning evocative square-cased pieces for those wishing to make more of a statement.

No expense is spared in these elegant watches, giving discerning customers an enviable choice between white gold, rose gold, or platinum, complemented by the same precious metal in the buckle, and worn on a luxurious and comfortable double-sided alligator strap.

The Denison, Ministry and Parliament collection faithfully adhere to Dent's tradition of precision engineering, beautiful craftsmanship and classic styling, and signal an exciting new era of horological excellence.

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