Vintage Dent

We have regular enquiries about the provenance, repair and sale of the many exquisite pieces that have been made by our firm.

Provenance – Information About Your Dent

There were many imitators of our illustrious firm and as a result of this the trademark Dent triangle was instituted from 1876 onwards, to distinguish by mark as well as name from the pretenders. Prior to this, the title of the company and its business premises is used to indicate the genuine article; these can be found on the dial or back plate.

The company's records are being consolidated and updated electronically and, as many of our records are held in various museums, this process is very time consuming. Once this resource is complete we will publish online for all to see. We apologise for not being able to be of more assistance at this time.


We do not undertake repairs of our antiques.

To find a suitably qualified repairer near you, please contact:

The British Horological Institute
Upton Hall, Upton
Newark, Notts
NG23 5TE
United Kingdom

+44 1636 813795
+44 1636 812258


For a valuation please contact;


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